Saturday, May 30, 2015

Disneyland Part 1

We had SO much fun at Disneyland. I wish we were still there, honestly I wish we lived there...maybe one day! I want to write a detailed blog about it, so I'm going to do it in a few different blogs. There's also going to be  A LOT of pictures so enjoy :)

We decided to drive, just because it was cheaper to split it between us 2 and our friends, McKinzie and David. They have a daughter 4 weeks older than Harper and they are BEST friends, so they had a lot of fun. We left about 10 at night so the girls could just sleep. The girls carseats were forward facing because we couldn't fit them both in the van rear facing, and there was also a DVD player for them to watch movies on the drive, which was nice. Well Harper didn't get the memo that it was bedtime on the drive there. She woke up as soon as I put her in her carseat and was awake until THREE O CLOCK. She kept saying MAMA, DADA, MAMA, no no no, thank you, MAAAAMAAAAAA, and many more, all while Austyn, Kinzie and David were trying to sleep. It was so stressful, but so funny. I think she was so distracted by being front facing she just didn't want to fall asleep. She slept for about 2 and a half hours luckily, but that didn't help much.

We got there around 8 or 9 in the morning, but we couldn't check into our hotel until 1 or so. So we ate breakfast and then went to my mom and dads hotel. They had planned a trip to California for my dads birthday, which just happened to be the same time we were there. So we went to their hotel and we all got a little sleep. Harper was so upset when she woke up, I guess that's what 3 hours of sleep can do to you! But it was nice to get a little nap in. Well we finally checked into the hotel and got all settled in. Later that night, we went to the beach and ate dinner at Rubys Diner on the pier. It was so windy and cold, but it was still fun. We saw a sea lion! It was one of the coolest moments ever. I'm obsessed with that kind of stuff. We went to play in the ocean after dinner. Kinzie and I played in the water, while my mom and the boys and the girls played in the sand. Harper loved playing on the beach, she just danced in the water and giggled. But it was so cold she didn't go all the way in. I wish we could have stayed longer but it was getting late also. We came back and got a good nights rest. Harper did NOT want to wake up in the morning. Daniel put a funny video of it on facebook if anyone wants to see it. She woke up and went to the door and was just so confused, it was so funny. Anyway, we headed out on the shuttle, and went to Disneyland! We had a program we downloaded called RideMax that tells us which rides to go on at what times, and it worked so well. We headed over to Big Thunder Mountain and literally walked on. It was a perfect first ride. We then went on Dumbo, Harper seemed to love it, but was kind of scared also. I think she was just confused on what was going on. We met my mom and dad there and they got the girls some ears with their names on it. They looked SO cute. I also made her outfit for the first day. Yes I go a little crazy when going to Disneyland, and for her first time she had to look cute ;) Here's some pictures of the story so far.
(for some reason these are small pictures,...look at them on facebook for a better view)
She was SO tired

Getting ready for the beach!

Getting ready! 


Things are a little blurry after all that since our day was so crazy, But I know we met Belle, again Harper DID not like her, and all she was was a girl in a prom dress? Weirdo! I think we went on it's a small world after that. Ok she was obsessed with that. My mom and dad were there, which was such a cool thing. That ride is so special to me and for all of us to go on it together meant something. She loved it so much, and so did I. I will try upload videos, but i'm not sure I can. Then we went on Alice In Wonderland. She did really good on that, I just wore her in the Tula in line and she was almost asleep at that point. Then we went to an all you can eat barbecue place by Big Thunder Mountain. It was pretty good! And entertaining.  Then the adults RAN to Splash Mountain because we had fast passes. My parents watched the girls for a bit. Splash Mountain is probably all of our favorite rides at Disneyland. So we got on super fast because of the fast passes, we all had ponchos and we all still got pretty wet toward the first of the ride. Well while we were on the ramp going up the mountain, it broke down! So we were stuck on that ramp for about 10-15 min, until they had to escort us off. It sucked but it was also really cool. We all noticed how cool it was that when we got escorted out, it was like a hidden back area. We had no idea where we were because they hide things so well there. They gave us all four fast passes to any ride in the whole park. We were sad it broke down, but knew we could go on it again another day. 

Somewhere in that time we went to Toontown. Toontown is old but it is so cute. Me and Daniel went on Roger Rabbit and my mom and dad waited in line to see Donald Duck. We knew Harper would cry but we don't go to Disneyland that often, so we just met him anyway. My dad got some good pictures of us with him, she didn't even want to wait in line, But I love Donald! He was so cute. We also went to Mickeys cute house and met him. Again, she cried, but it's MICKEY MOUSE! She was fine 2 seconds after, so it's ok :) I think not too long after that she fell asleep, and Daniel and I walked Main Street with her. I love Main Street. It was nice not to be so rushed and just take our time and enjoy everything. We then met my mom and dad again and enjoyed some Ice cream. Harper woke up and wanted some, and danced all over the tables. She gets away with anything with those grandparents! We said goodbye to my mom and dad, they are old and wanted to go rest ;) We headed over to the Jungle Cruise. I love that ride! Harper had a lot of fun on that one too. Then I think we did the Tiki room, I think that was Austyns favorite ride. Harper just signed bird the whole time, and wanted to sit on her own and just walk around, but she still liked it. Then I think we did Haunted Mansion, she also did very good on that one, despite it being a haunted ride. Then we used our fast passes for Buzz Lightyear at the end of the night. Harper thought that was so weird but so fun. I think that was about it for the first day, I can't remember honestly. They didn't have fireworks or a parade that day which was sad, but that's ok. We didn't do a ton of things, but we did as much as we could and wanted to with 2 baby girls. Plus we had 2 other days to enjoy.  There was a lot of rides the girls could ride on, and a lot of things they could do, I am so grateful for that. It truly is the happiest place on earth!  Here's the rest of the pictures for the first day.

it's a small world!

Precious tired baby


Stuck on Splash Mountain

Sleepy baby


Well I think that's it for day one. I know it was long but it was the perfect day!

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  1. What a fun time you had!!! It has been so long since I have been there it makes me want to go again. Great pictures.